Sky Wall Luminous Wall Stickers Night Space & Universe Stickers

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Sky Wallpaper Luminous Wall Stickers

Did you love space and universe? get your own sky wall and space universe, its may feel that you are in space and help you to sleep well. Its also shows good impact on your health as you getting good sleep and Happy Mood 🙂


Wall stick is a kind of wall fashion, oneself easily take out metope decorates, concise and quick and casual, adornment effect is very intuitionistic.
Wall stickers adopt PVC environmental protection materials, odorless, non-toxic to human body, surface waterproof, mildew, strong stickiness, easy to take care of, economical and cheap.
It is a first choice product for modern family, shop metope adornment.

Material: PVC fabric
Main component: PVC
Content of main ingredients: 80
Fabric subcomponents: PVC
Content of subcomponents: 80:
Level: one grade
Style: modern
Product category: wall stickers
Function: anti-mildew, anti-moth, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, beautifying decoration, moisture-proof, antistatic

Notice for use:
1. If sticker are on the surface of glass or ceramic tile, because its material is smooth, use a clean rag to dry the surface before posting, so it’s easy to paste, and smooth effect is better
2. Some of the larger pattern sticker, there may be a little bubbles appear after flattening, then you can remove air bubbles using scratch cards or prick the small bubble and wipe it out by pinpoint, and will not affect the overall effect of paste
3. If the walls are damp, aged or freshly painted, may cause wall stickers off automatically, or will cause peeling off metope, can blow hot air to dry or stay metope paint volatilizes until after a period of time, but the effect is likely to be different, so please choose the stick position

1 X Wall Sticker 



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Weight50 g
Dimensions50 × 50 × 50 cm


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